What else You can do:

Most members of the Virginia General Assembly will be home after the General Assembly ends in February/March. Take this opportunity to get to know them and urge him or her to promote our SALT safety net and budget policies.Take action during the General Assembly summer and fall recess:

  • Visit, call or e-mail your Representative and Senators;
  • Participate in a town hall meeting with your elected officials and voice your concerns;
  • Invite your elected officials to see the good work going on at your place of worship, food pantry or soup kitchen or hypothermia program that is serving struggling, poor and hungry people.

When you Participate in a town hall meeting -- Tell your Delegates and Senators to Support our SALT Priorities:

  • Cuts or structural changes to any program that will harm poor and hungry people should be opposed;
  • Helps relieve pressure on overwhelmed faith based programs, charities, food banks and other emergency food providers who struggle to meet the needs of hungry people.
  • Remind both your Senators and Delegates that the Virginia budget is a moral document with human consequences; they need to protect programs that help poor, unemployed and underemployed people still struggling in this economy.
  • Cuts to programs such as Head Start and Meals on Wheels are keeping families from meeting their basic needs.
  • With the legislators returning home for at least a little while - keep your eyes opened for town hall meetings and other opportunities to meet directly with them on their home turf. (e.g. you can schedule a meeting!)
  • It is critical that  community members take part in community hall events and share the the challenges they are facing with their elected officials.
  • Remember General assembly members chief responsibilities are to represent you in the formulation of public policy.
  • As a citizen of Virginia, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help elect legislators who represent you.
  • Contact your legislator about a particular issue before the General Assembly session begins and acts on it.

Legislator Contact Opportunities

Below is information on the annual State budget and Delegation hearings.  This is an opportunity to advocate/testify on SALT priorities.  See State Legislative Agenda for priorities on the SALT web site and join the SALT legislative Network to be informed.


  • BUDGET HEARINGS:  the "Money Committee" meeting/Hearing is scheduled in late December or early January.  Public Hearing begins at 10:00 am in the NOVA area.  Representatives of the House and the Senate budget committees will be taking testimony. Speakers get three minutes to  emphasize their points. Arrive early!
  • The Second opportunity is the Fairfax County Delegation's "Off-to-Richmond" hearing at the FXCO Government Center Board Room at 9:00 am on 1st or 2nd Saturday in January. Consider signing-up early as well to secure an early slot to testify by contacting: the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors - Clerk's Office 703.324.3151 during regular work hours.
  • Other Delegation meetings information: Most jurisdiction's legislative delegations hold public hearing before the General assembly opens the first Wednesday after the first Saturday after New Years Day in January. Here too speakers get three minutes to emphasize their points.
  • Other jurisdictions include Arlington, The City of Alexandria, Loudon County and Prince William. If your from those areas please find out the details from your legislator and local media and plan to speak.   

The town Hall meeting is a good way to contact your state own and other State legislators to urge them to SALT priorities of social justice.  

Please be responsive.  Thanks. John

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