Dear John,
I haven't written to you in a very long time due to so many medical problems and many other issues but after learning about this story, I had to write. So here goes.

Now that the Governor has fixed one issue to help us get back into being productive citizens, I wish he would help with the one issue I have written every Governor, Senator, and so many more that I can't even begin to name them all, to help us get on our feet after being released from prison.

The fact that we can't get on our feet because we can't get a good start financially after release is a big problem. We are denied Food Stamps, when VIOLENT CRIMINALS, for example, Murderers, Rapists, Child Molesters, etc. can get out of prison and be receiving Food stamps the next day.

All I did was have a surgery, which led to an addiction which then led to finding a way to feed my addiction. So I was convicted of selling a pill. I am not saying that it is not bad, but I didn't sell the pill to a child and the person I sold it to did not die or get sick or overdose. But 20 years later, I am still being punished by being denied help with Food Stamps, and 20 years later, I have not gotten on my feet, but I am now severely disabled and live every day wondering how I am going to pay bills and buy Food.

I am not going through the entire story of my release, but you probably know how hard it is to get a decent job after being convicted of a felony charge. Even though I went to College, I still couldn't find a "decent"  job after release. No one wants to hire a felon, especially one that was an addict. So, here I am all these years later, still poor as poor can get, severely disabled and unable to get Food Stamps to help just a little bit. I am no longer able to work and I sit and I cry most days because I can't work. Anyway.............

I have been through lots of programs that other states require to get Food Stamps after release.  Probably many, many more than required by ANY State requirements.

I still go to NA meetings, when I am not too sick from my many medical problems.

If only the Governor understood all the things we have to go through after being released, and if he knew all the resistance, hatred, prejudice and so much more, that we have to endure, maybe he would change a few more laws to help those being released today. Also, to help those who have suffered for years, due to not having help being reintroduced back into society, like myself. I am not even able to sit or stand for long periods of time, so it took me many sittings today, to write this email.

I figured if I could get out 1 email, it would be best to send it to you, John. Thanks for what you do. So very much appreciated!!!  


Tammy M.
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SALT Advocates:

As a society we value second chances. When people have served their time in prison, they are released from incarceration and we should want to see them restored to a productive life. We want them to be able to get a job, support their families, and be involved in their communities in a positive way. These individuals want to find a way to contribute to society and work for a better future.