Child Support Pass-Through Demonstration Evaluation

There is good news to share from a Wisconsin Statewide Child Support Pass-Through Demonstration Project.

The Findings/Outcomes for non-custodial(NCPS) Parent(DADS):

  1. More dads paid child support;
  2. Dads paid child support in greater amounts;
  3. Dads paid their child support sooner; and
  4. Paternity Establishments increased.

The findings for custodial(CPS) Parents(Moms):

  1. It increased the likelyhood of the Costodial Parent Leaving welfare More Quickly/Sooner;
  2. The poorest moms (Those in the lowest Income Tier/Group) moved off TANF more quickly;
  3. There was no consistent effect on mom's employment or earnings from employment---Moms did not quit jobs or cut back hours of employment; and
  4. The Custodial Parent (Typically TANF Moms) received higher valued informal support from the (NCP) Dads.

The Findings for the State/Government:

  1. The net effect of the costs was not statistically signifant;
  2. There was reduced revenue to the state for cost recovery of the child support program;
  3. However the Revenue Losses were offset by reduced government costs of Food Stamps, Medical Assistance and Child Care Subsidies.

Why Salt Supports the Pass-Through for Virginia:

  1. It promotes the values of personal responsibility for both parents;
  2. It removes disincentives for establishing paternity and paying child support. (Under the current system the feeling is that "The Family will not get the money, so why pay?");
  3. It gives more money to the TANF family to assist them in moving off welfare; and
  4. If it works in Wisconsin, it can be successful in Virginia too.